Love Can Protect Everything !! - Covid 19 Fighting Gift Set

Last updated: Aug 24, 2020  |  2411 Views  |  News & Promotions

Love Can Protect Everything !! - Covid 19 Fighting Gift Set

Love can protect everything!! Gift set is opened for pre-order to protect your loved one.

Each set includes:

  1. A drawstring bag containing masks and alcohol gel
  2. 2. Three-Layered Mask. -> 1st Layer: Cotton + Polyester, able to absorb liquid from the outside, multiple times rewashable with good air ventilation.b. 2nd and 3rd Layer: Muslin Cotton, prevent body fluid (mucus and saliva from coughing and sneezing) from getting out, able to prevent particle similar to medical mask.c. A socket for putting in a filter.
  3. 30 ml. 74% alcohol gel.
  4. 30 ml. 74% alcohol spray.


-        1 set = 239 THB with 30 THB shipping cost Thailand nationwide.

*Pre-order starts today until 20th April 2020 (or supplies run out).
The products will be delivered 3 – 5 days after pre-order date.

You can order them via Facebook Messenger and specify a mask number you want.

**Limited Supply**  

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